Technology Services

Techcafeteria is the micro-business of Peter Campbell, an experienced technologist who has served as Chief Information Officer, Vice President, or IT Director at numerous nonprofit organizations and law firms over the last thirty years. Peter is available to support your organization with the following services:

Acting CIO

Serve as technology strategist and, as needed, project manager/implementer on a part-time or limited basis. This can be helpful for an organization that is setting out to implement technology strategy and/or infrastructure, but doesn’t want to commit to hiring a full-time employee in the role. By working as an embedded contractor, Peter can get to know a company’s people, processes, and culture in order to provide relevant and effective tech recommendations. He can oversee software selection processes, negotiate contracts, and develop implementation plans. He can also work with existing staff to refocus IT attitudes and organizational engagement.

Technology Assessments

Not every organization needs a CIO, but a regular evaluation of how technology supports the work and mission should occur every five years or less. Peter has a comprehensive knowledge of the standard technology used by small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits. His core talent is in identifying the systems and solutions that will efficiently propel an organization to accomplish it’s mission. A typical assessment starts at a high level – understanding what your organization does, how it’s done, and what strategic goals the work is in support of. From there, Peter interviews and/or surveys staff, reviews of materials and processes, and identifies the long-term strategies and short-term fixes required to align technology infrastructure and use with the work of the organization. Common deliverables can include a three to five year roadmap and/or a strategic technology plan. 

Business Process Analysis

Technology automates processes. If you automate a bad process, it’s still a bad process, just automated. So it can be advantageous to identify and streamline your information management and communication processes before configuring a new tech system to support them. Peter can work with staff to discover duplicative efforts and unnecessary labor, with an understanding of how most major technology systems can be set up to improve the business workflow. This type of consult is best to perform in advance of implementing or upgrading a  CRM (Constituent/Donor Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning, e.g. Finance, HR, backend automation), DMS (knowledge and information management systems), AMS (Association  Management Software), or other major system.

Software Selection

Major software investments should be properly vetted. Peter can work with staff and vendors to fully discover, out of the available options, which vendor and system will be best matched to accomplish the critical goals that the investment is addressing. From identifying the options, to developing the Request for Proposal, scheduling the demos (and developing demo scripts), advising on the selection, and negotiating the contract, Peter can oversee and guide selections to a successful conclusion.

Technical Staff Evaluation, Management, and Mentoring

For organizations with IT Departments of one to 25 (or more), Peter can work directly with the IT staff to evaluate their roles and effectiveness, make recommendations on department structure, mentor existing staff and IT leadership, and help integrate IT staff more fully into an organization.

Additional Services:

  • Advising on Information Security, and/or manage a vendor performing an assessment.
  • Reviewing, Revising, and Developing IT and Security Policies.
  • Managing Technology Projects.

Pricing and Logistics

Peter charges hourly rates and they vary depending on the complexity of the engagement, but usually fall within $150 to $200 an hour. Discounts are applied for organizations with missions that are especially important to Peter, such as Legal Aid and Civil Rights. All of this is negotiable.

Peter lives in Reston, Virginia, and prefers opportunities that are either local to the greater DC area or amenable to (primarily) remote work. He maintains professional liability insurance.

Peter maintains a wide network of nonprofit-focused experts and consultants that can occassionally collaborate or advise on his work, as well as vouch for his expertise. His resume is here, and his LinkedIn profile is here. He is easy to contact as psc here at or peterscampbell at Google’s email service.