Techcafeteria was founded in 2007 as Peter Campbell’s on and off consulting firm, but only became a full-time business in June of 2021. Peter has a background as a technologist that stretches back to the mid-80’s, when he started out managing technology for law firms in San Francisco. By 1999, he had established himself as a knowledgeable IT Director. At that point, Peter made a pointed move to the nonprofit sector, looking to practice what he had learned where it would do the most good.

With IT Director, VP IT, and CIO roles at Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, Earthjustice, and Legal Services Corporation, Peter deployed a broad range of technologies while developing a technology executive skill set that gives him ample insight into how organizations can successfully manage change and digital transformation. In 2018, he joined Marcum Technology, and spent two and a half years there as a Senior Strategic Consultant, performing dozens of technology and security assessments and other projects. He brings that full skill set to his work at Techcafeteria.

Throughout his 30+ year IT management career, Peter found that the best consultants did what they were good at, as opposed to learning on the job; listened to and partnered with their clients, focusing their efforts on achieving the client goals; and didn’t undervalue their services or overcharge for them, understanding that billing for every email and phone call inhibits the critical communication and camaraderie needed to sustain a healthy, collaborative relationship. Peter strives to be the type of consultant that he most appreciated when he was hiring them.

In Great Company

Techcafeteria works with nonprofits of almost every size and mission from small associations to large social enterprises. Here are a few of our favorites.

Let’s Work Together


Techcafeteria’s mission is to help nonprofits use technology to advance their work. We tailor our advice to fit  the mission, strategy, culture, and available resources of our clients.

If you are with a nonprofit or a similar organization working to improve lives, we’d love to hear about your technology challenges and see if we can either help you, or point you in the direction of someone who can. Just fill out this form and you’ll hear back from us.