Whether it’s cloud strategy, a new database, aligning your processes with your technology, or hiring an a tech support firm, Techcafeteria can help you navigate the risks and opportunities in the dynamic technology environment. 

Strategic Technology Assessment

A Technology Assessment looks at your mission and goals, core business processes, and governance of technology in order to obtain a full understanding of what the organization does today and how it could be done effectively and economically.  A full report includes budget and resource estimates for each recommendation and a two-to-three year roadmap for implementation.         LEARN MORE

Information Security Assessment

Techcafeteria performs affordable security-readiness assessments based on the NIST frameworks, but tailored to meet the budget and resource constraints of your nonprofit. A full report includes a detailed gap analysis, recommendations, and a remediation plan. Once completed, we can help with security and technology policy development and identifying resources to assist with the remediation.       LEARN MORE

Software and Services Selections

For large investments like cloud migrations, website redesigns, CRM rollouts, and Managed Services engagements, success depends on finding qualified, affordable, and nonprofit-focused systems and consultants. Techcafeteria can find quality candidates, craft the RFP, and facilitate the interviews to ensure that the service or software selected will be the one that propels your project to success.            LEARN MORE

Fractional CIO Services

Many nonprofits forgo having a high-level technology strategist on staff due to the cost restraints. A fractional CIO serves as a staff adjunct, providing guidance, project oversight, and staff mentoring at the key times when you are defining your technology strategy and starting major projects.  CIO’s provide critical and valuable insight on a pay-as-you-go basis.      LEARN MORE

Business Process Analysis

Technology is only as good as you tell it to be. The best,. most powerful systems that money can buy can frustrate and obstruct you if they aren’t configured to support your operations. Engaging in business process analysis before upgrading a CRM, finance system, or other major application can inform the implementers as to exactly what the system should do to further your work, not impede it.            LEARN MORE

Microsoft 365 Strategy

If you have not yet moved your documents to the cloud, or you have, but you haven’t done it strategically, you might be missing out on some of the great advancements that tools like like SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams provide. Techcafeteria can advise you on how to structure Microsoft’s document management and collaboration tools in ways that fosters collaboration while securing and organizing your work product.      LEARN MORE

Let’s Work Together


Techcafeteria’s mission is to help nonprofits use technology to advance their work. We tailor our advice to fit  the mission, strategy, culture, and available resources of our clients.

If you are with a nonprofit or a similar organization working to improve lives, we’d love to hear about your technology challenges and see if we can either help you, or point you in the direction of someone who can. Just fill out this form and you’ll hear back from us.