Software and Service Selections

Get expert help and guidance when making decisions on major technology investments

Upgrading or introducing a new Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system. Hiring a new Managed Services Provider. Deploying an Enterprise Resource and Planning (ERP) system. These are all large and expensive initiatives that come with clear risks:

♦ Will the investment provide a solid return?

♦ Will staff adopt the new systems?

♦ Will the partner listen and understand our goals, and implement the system in the proper way to address those goals?

Techcafeteria has over three decades of experience purchasing and deploying major technology systems and hiring partners to implement them. We can guide you through the process by identifying suitable vendors; drafting Requests for Information and/or Requests for Proposals; conducting vendor interviews, and advising on the contract negotiation. Along the way, Techcafeteria helps to document the aspirational and measurable outcomes that your project hopes to achieve and advise on the staff engagement and change management aspects of deploying the new system. If desired, we can conduct business process mapping sessions to better understand the way you work today and the way that you could be working with the new system.

Here are some of the systems and services that we can help with:

♦ CRMs and and Salesforce/Microsoft implementation partners

♦ ERPs, Finance systems, and Human Capital/HRIS systems

♦ Managed Services Providers

♦ Association Management Systems

♦ VOIP Phone Systems

♦ Grants Management Systems

Major technology investments have less to do with the system selected than they do with the way that the systems are configured and introduced to the organization. If you’re looking for a partner that understands that, and will find the right products and vendors to consider while preparing our team for the project, Techcafeteria is worth consideration.

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