Fractional CIO Services

Technology is cyclical. You develop a strategy; identify the projects; implement new systems; and then spend a few years improving them. At some point, systems obsolesce or the business changes, requiring a new cycle to realign the tech with the organizational goals. Unless you are a large or complex nonprofit, or one with a technology-based mission, you probably don’t need to have a CIO on staff full time. But you want that strategist around for the planning and implementation phases.

A fractional CIO is an embedded expert who only works the hours necessary to provide advice and oversight of your strategic technology initiatives. You might be using your MSP for that today, but you should consider that most MSPs are more focused on maintaining the systems and security, and far less on the strategic use of technology that will propel your work and your mission. And they might have a conflict of interest, in it that the projects they’ll recommend are often ones that you’ll be paying them for. The fractional CIO works with the MSP (or just the internal IT staff, if you don’t outsource) and manages them, providing you with a knowledgeable and  unbiased check on their work.

A fractional CIO engagement starts with an assessment, which produces a technology roadmap. The fractional CIO helps you align the resources and plan the projects, and then manages the implementation firms that you hire, ensuring that they are delivering systems that will perform as intended.

Along the way, if you do have internal IT staff, the fractional CIO mentors and educates them. Done correctly, the Fractional CIO is trying to work their way out of the job, by setting the course for your technology and building internal capacity. But, once the cycle starts again, they can be reengaged.

Techcafeteria has 30 years of experience managing technology at the executive level. If you’re ready to start a new roadmap, and want an expert to partner with you and insure the roadmap’s success, Techcafeteria is well-qualified to help.

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