More on the Blog vs. Website topic

I’m going to piggyback off of Sonny’s work and strongly recommend that anyone who is thinking about setting up a web site for their organization put aside a half hour or so to read this collection of inter-related blog entries on the topic:

Blog v Web Reve

This conversation goes into much more detail both about:

* the technical advantages of blogging platforms

* the strategic advantages – don’t skip Marnie Webb’s comments: blogs may be obsolete but blogging isn’t.

* the general pros and cons.

The main point that I would add (after reading this) is that it’s not just an apples/oranges decision, and it’s not just about which is easier to manage. It’s about which web you want to invest in:

* the current brochureware web, which gives you a static place to refer people to for information about your organization; or

* the social web, the thing the web is becoming, which has built in feedback loops and a referral system that can dramatically build awareness for your cause.

Another theme here is that you can’t be put off by the hype about blogs. It’s not about blogs – it’s about the communications platform. This is Marnie’s main point, and I don’t want anyone to miss it. This is what is completely relevant to social organizations, and the main reason why the idea of subbing a blog for a professional web site is so powerful. Blogs are not, contrary to popular definition, personal online journals. they are nodes in a gigantic network, and the quality nodes bubble into the public consciousness with a free, natural publicity system. Commercial advertising isn’t allowed here – the value system that generates exposure is based on content.

We (non-profits) have great content. So, the simple metaphor – if our message were an automobile, why would we park it in the driveway rather than take it out on the highway?

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