Managing to have a disaster

As many a blogger has noted, Katrina’s impact on the levees safeguarding New Orleans was an accident not just waiting to happen, but one that makes Bush’s dismissal of the “Al-Queda will attack on U.S. Soil” briefing almost insignificant by comparison. A lot of good writing on this is over at The Huffington Post , the short story being that FEMA has been systematically gutted to free up war-mongering funds, and, as with most of the Federal Government, has been managed by Bush cronies with no actual experience or qualifications for their posts. The media has not ignored this one – newspapers have been stating in quite certain terms that the utter destruction of New Orleans is a hurricane away for the last four years. The excellent timeline leading up to the catastrophe is here in the Political Animal blog.

On a related note. Molly Ivins tells this story¬†about John Bolton’s hard-headed grandstanding at the U.N.:

“Britain is leading a reform effort already endorsed by 175 other countries. Britain, which used to be our ally, has put forth a concise document containing a plan for reforming the U.N. and carrying forward with its goals to eradicate poverty. Bolton has proposed 750 changes in Britain’s 36-page draft plan. One of his proposals is to delete the phrase “respect for nature” from a set of core values that supposedly unites the nations of the world: respect for human rights, freedom, equality, tolerance, multilateralism and respect for nature. The phrase “respect for nature” does not commit the U.S. to any legal or financial obligation. Bolton just doesn’t like it.”

So, did Bolton bring Katrina down on us by dissing nature? Maybe Pat Robertson, an expert in this sort of thing, can make a ruling…

Okay, so even more bizarre – not an hour after making the poor taste joke above, I read a blog entry reporting that FEMA’s recommended list of donation sites features Pat Robertson’s Operation Blessing. How politically questionable is that?!

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