I’ve been busy

As you’ve noted if you read this blog either through NPTech.Info or Techcafeteria.com, I’ve been doing some serious remodeling. I’ve never been happy with the plain white look of NPTech.info, but, being much more of a plumber than a gardener when it comes to web development, I’ve been too shy to tackle it. But I’m actually proud of the work I’ve done on Techcafeteria, so I decided to share the wealth, bringing NPTech into the fold, so to speak, but I think it’s an improvement. Let me know if you have any thoughts one way or the other.

Techcafeteria was thrown up in my spare minutes during my last week at Goodwill, while I was cramming to finish up there and prepping for the NTEN conference. I basically typed it in on my laptop whenever I could catch a few spare minutes. This week, I finally took the time to turn it into a real web site with more of a graphical feel, some ajaxy stuff, and search. I’m using Google Custom Search because it searches through a variety of file types and allows me to publish the results locally.

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