Update on OpenID server

A quick addendum to my last entry:

First, my apologies if you’re trying to play. For some reason, the DNS change that will allow you to access openid.techcafeteria.com is taking a looonng time to propagate. I’ve asked my ISP about this. And it makes no sense to give you the ip or an alternate name – you need the actual name to get this working.

Don’t trust me to maintain techcafeteria.com 24/7 for as long as you may live? Good thinking! I’m hosting this on my home box, because I can’t hack PHP sufficiently in order to get it going on my ISPs system. So this is what’s cool about OpenID. It’s relatively easy to become an OpenID provider, if you have your own server. I think it took me two hours or so to get it all set up. So there will be plenty of providers out there. And OpenID gives you an option for setting up a permanent address on any server where you can create a simple page (regardless of whether it’s your system or if it has anything related to OpenID installed) and then referring it to your OpenID provider. So, if I take my system down (I do that about twice a year), you can register somewhere else and simply point your URL to their system. It’s very flexible, and you’ll have the instructions in front of you after you create your ID on my server.

In addition to OpenID.net here are two important resources:

OpenID Enabled is a wiki devoted to OpenID. Very thorough!

The OpenID Directory is an early stab at collecting all of the sites that allow you to log in via OpenID. It’s also an OpenID provider, if you’re looking for that backup.

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