New plan for Content!

Regular vistitors to the Coconino County Home Page know one thing well: there’s not much reason to be a regular visitor to the site. The page tends to be updated annually, as opposed to regularly. This is defensible: I chose my subject matter for a number of reasons, the primary one being my love for it, but the secondary being the relative low amount of updating that would be required. And, as readers of my Site Notes know, my third motivation has always been to just have a web site where I can keep my skills (such as they are) fresh.

So I’ve done a few things to make adding content simpler, taking advantage of the latest buzz on the Internet: Really Simple Syndication (RSS). First, the bookmarks are now managed using, a very powerful bookmark sharing site. I highly recommend it! Second, I’m using RSS to centralize content creation for about four different web sites that I maintain, which will make it simpler to publish to

Over the next half year or so, I will be migrating to a full RSS/blogging platform called WordPress.. Don’t be concerned – the updated content on the site was blog-like long before I ever heard the term, and it will not change dramatically when it’s moved to the new platform. For those interested in the techy details, I will chronicle this more thoroughly in the site notes.

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