Those of you who read the blog at the site, as opposed to via feed, might have noticed a dramatic update in the blog’s appearance. To keep a dull story short, I haven’t been happy with my website at Techcafeteria for a while, so I rebuilt it last month, using a foundation called Frog CMS. Now I’m really happy with the site, simple though it be, and I wanted my blog to share the design. After a couple of days of serious CSS hacking, I dare you to tell me where I haven’t cloned it to the point that you can’t tell that you’re leaving Frog CMS and going to WordPress. As of this writing, there’s still a bug in the positioning that i’ll resolve so that the sidebar stays put, to which I’ll only mutter the traditional curses against IE 6 and 7 and their broken HTML compliance. And I’ll revisit the Sidebar content soon as well – is the picture necessary?

Anyway, always good to have an excuse to keep those web skills up.

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