The bulk of the blog posts here are on Nonprofit Technology topics

NPTech Phase 2

About six months ago (give or take a few months) Marnie Webb got together with a few other people as interested as she was in, flickr and the possible intersections of RSS, social networking and non-profits, and started an experiment. What if they all, started tagging bookmarks of interest to non-profit technologists with the tag :nptech”? The idea picked up. People joined in. The attribute expended to flickr, furl and other tag-based information systems, and to technorati‘s stab at pasting tagging functionality on top of the blogosphere. The best way to see the result of this project (until yesterday) was to go to… Read More »NPTech Phase 2

More on the Blog vs. Website topic

I’m going to piggyback off of Sonny’s work and strongly recommend that anyone who is thinking about setting up a web site for their organization put aside a half hour or so to read this collection of inter-related blog entries on the topic: Blog v Web Reve This conversation goes into much more detail both about: * the technical advantages of blogging platforms * the strategic advantages – don’t skip Marnie Webb’s comments: blogs may be obsolete but blogging isn’t. * the general pros and cons. The main point that I would add (after reading this) is that it’s not just an apples/oranges decision, and… Read More »More on the Blog vs. Website topic

Non-profits: are blogs better than websites?

It’s a common scenario for your average non-profit (and a lot of small businesses as well): 1. You need a web presence. Goes without saying, right? 2. You have limited staff and budget, and nobody in your agency has the time, skills or desire to design your web site. 3. Even if you can budget a few grand to get the local HTML student to design a site for you, there are some inherent problems with this approach: a. That student is moving to Methuselah after the job and won’t be around to maintain it. b. The site needs regular updating to be viable, and… Read More »Non-profits: are blogs better than websites?