Non-profits: are blogs better than websites?

It’s a common scenario for your average non-profit (and a lot of small businesses as well): 1. You need a web presence. Goes without saying, right? 2. You have limited staff and budget, and nobody in your agency has the time, skills or desire to design your web site. 3. Even if you can budget a few grand to get the local HTML student to design a site for you, there are some inherent problems with this approach: a. That student is moving to Methuselah after the job and won’t be around to maintain it. b. The site needs regular updating to be viable, and… Read More »Non-profits: are blogs better than websites?

New plan for Content!

Regular vistitors to the Coconino County Home Page know one thing well: there’s not much reason to be a regular visitor to the site. The page tends to be updated annually, as opposed to regularly. This is defensible: I chose my subject matter for a number of reasons, the primary one being my love for it, but the secondary being the relative low amount of updating that would be required. And, as readers of my Site Notes know, my third motivation has always been to just have a web site where I can keep my skills (such as they are) fresh. So I’ve done a… Read More »New plan for Content!

Why blog?

With over 8 million blogs out there (as of March, when I saw Mena Trott, founder of blogging service Six Apart, speak at the NTEN Non-Profit Technology conference), there’s a real good question as to why someone like me would add another “sad, default-Blogger-templated website” to the giant heap of the same out there. Well, I have a few reasons. Mainly, while most people set up blogs and then notice how conveniently they can distribute them via RSS (Really Simple Syndication), I got here from the reverse direction. I have a need to strategically publish content to a variety of web sites, and RSS is… Read More »Why blog?


Okay! After a few fits and starts on various blogging services, this is it – my own blog, hosted on my own server, with a title appropriately culled from Krazy Kat, my muse. WordPress is clearly a suitable platform, powerful, flexible, hackable. Look for a bit of early remodeling as I make the site look right. Good to be here – more to come!