Back from NTC08

What a week – I flew to Tallahassee in Sunday and had a great visit with the attorneys and staff at Earthjustice’s office there, then hopped a couple of planes Tuesday night to New Orleans for NTEN’s annual Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC). As usual: a bigger crowd than the prior year; a meticulously planned event that leaves no room for anyone not to get a lot out of it; great speakers; great food; great networking. I participated as a panelist in three sessions: Change Management: The People Side of Tech Adoption, which I designed. Steve Heye, a technology planner for the YMCA, and Dahna Goldstein,… Read More »Back from NTC08

Managing to have a disaster

As many a blogger has noted, Katrina’s impact on the levees safeguarding New Orleans was an accident not just waiting to happen, but one that makes Bush’s dismissal of the “Al-Queda will attack on U.S. Soil” briefing almost insignificant by comparison. A lot of good writing on this is over at The Huffington Post , the short story being that FEMA has been systematically gutted to free up war-mongering funds, and, as with most of the Federal Government, has been managed by Bush cronies with no actual experience or qualifications for their posts. The media has not ignored this one – newspapers have been stating… Read More »Managing to have a disaster