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The End Of NPTech (.INFO)

After eight years, I’ve decided to shutter the website, which will also disable the @nptechinfo twitter feed that was derived from it.  Obviously, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus have made RSS aggregation sites like obsolete. Further, as Google ranks links from aggregators lower and lower on the optimization scale, it seems like I might be doing more harm than good by aggregating all of the nptech blogs there. It will be better for all if I spend my efforts promoting good posts on social media, rather than automatically populating a ghost town. Long-time Techcafeterians will recall that NPTECH.INFO used to be a pretty… Read More »The End Of NPTech (.INFO)

Delicious Memories

This article was originally published on the Idealware Blog in December of 2010. Like many of my NPTECH peers, I was dismayed to learn yesterday that Delicious, the social bookmarking service, was being put to pasture by Yahoo!, the big company that purchased the startup five years ago.  Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb has written the best memorial,  But the demise of Delicious marks a passing of significant note to our community of nonprofit staff that seek innovative uses of technology.  So let me talk quickly about how Delicious brought me into this community, and, along the way, a bit about what it meant to all… Read More »Delicious Memories

NPTech Update

Notes from here and there:

* If you hate visiting this web site, and believe that RSS is dead (I don’t!), then you’re welcome to ditch both and follow Techcaferia and on Twitter.

NPTech.Info Updated

Those of you familiar with my sideproject at know that it has been trustworthily aggregating blog entries, photos and websites tagged with the term “nptech” for close to four years now. It’s been a little negelcted of late, but after Annaliese over at NTEN gave it a shout-out, I figured it was due for some clean-up. Here’s what’s new:

NTC08 Part 2: In Honor of Marnie Webb

At the NTEN awards on Friday, Marnie Webb took the Person of the Year award, and rightly so! In honor of Marnie, a key originator of the nptech community, I want to share the story of how I met her. And try to make her blush a bit more. 🙂 In 2004, I was reading Jon Udell‘s Infoworld columns about a new technology called “Really Simple Syndication”, RSS. The technology interested and thrilled me a bit, because it looked like it might provide a much needed management tool for web-based information (which it did). In early 2005, I was browsing through popular bookmarked web sites… Read More »NTC08 Part 2: In Honor of Marnie Webb

I’ve been busy

As you’ve noted if you read this blog either through NPTech.Info or, I’ve been doing some serious remodeling. I’ve never been happy with the plain white look of, but, being much more of a plumber than a gardener when it comes to web development, I’ve been too shy to tackle it. But I’m actually proud of the work I’ve done on Techcafeteria, so I decided to share the wealth, bringing NPTech into the fold, so to speak, but I think it’s an improvement. Let me know if you have any thoughts one way or the other. Techcafeteria was thrown up in my spare… Read More »I’ve been busy

NPTech Phase 2

About six months ago (give or take a few months) Marnie Webb got together with a few other people as interested as she was in, flickr and the possible intersections of RSS, social networking and non-profits, and started an experiment. What if they all, started tagging bookmarks of interest to non-profit technologists with the tag :nptech”? The idea picked up. People joined in. The attribute expended to flickr, furl and other tag-based information systems, and to technorati‘s stab at pasting tagging functionality on top of the blogosphere. The best way to see the result of this project (until yesterday) was to go to… Read More »NPTech Phase 2